True & memorable taste made with love and tradition

A lost community on a shipwreck shore at the end of Africa.

A tribute to a now deserted coastal settlement so named after the once visible bow of Maid of the Thames a British sailing vessel grounded inshore on 1st January 1848.


Who we are

Skipskop wines,a boutique overberg winery,dates back to the planting of a block of petit verdot vines,a Bordeaux variety grape- in late 1999 in the garden of our house overlooking the klipdrift River in Napier, a small town at the foot of fynbos mountains and amongst rolling fields of wheat and barley Close to the southernmost tip of Africa..

In the intervening years,the vineyard has expanded and in 2012,the old barn above the house was converted into a red wine cellar with a newly built white wine cellar added in 2014. In addition a small quantity of grapes are sourced from a klein karoo farm in the voorbaat Valley close to ladismith at the foot of the Swartberg mountains to compliment the cooler climate napier varietals.



Full bodied yet smooth wine full of blackberry and chassis aromas,made from a classic Bordeaux grape variety from our wines grown in Napier and Klein Karoo. Aged in a French Oak for 18 months


A delicate yet complex and balanced wine made from an inspired blend of Syrah,Sangiovese,Pinot noir and Nebbiolo grown in a select vineyards and handcrafted at our boutique Napier Cellar.Aromas of dark berries and summer fruits with gentle tannins and hints of spice.


This is our 3rd Vintage from the classic Italian grape that has taken brilliantly to the hot dry & mountainous climate of the klein Karoo.The wine made at our Napier cellar exhibits cherry fruit & Red currant flavours & twelve months in barrel has given an additional layer of complexity,softening the bright tannins.


This limited production naturally sweet petit verdot wine is made with grapes grown in the hot dry and mountainous climate of the klein Karoo region of the Southern Cape.
This full bodied wine exhibits well defined aromas of black fruit flavours with notes of plum and cherry. Handcrafted in our Napier boutique cellar.



Hand crafted from vines grown in black river soils in Napier.Tank fermentation.Exhibits good natural acidity with crisp Sauvignon litchi and green fig aromas.


Handcrafted from vines grown in black river soils in Napier. Tank fermentation. Exhibits lively natural acidity with green fig aromas


This limited production fortified wine from our vineyards at the foot of rugged starters mountains in the voorbaat valley bursts with complex sweet Muscat flavours and aromas Handcrafted at our Napier Cellar and aged in small oak barrels.